May 5, 2008

Taking A Break!

I told myself that today would be the day that I would start re-organizing the sewing room. It is past chaotic and I can not work in it. Since I have to get 3 samples finished and should do it in the next week and a half, I have been moving the mess from one room to another. But the "piles" are neat and each is labeled as to what the intent is. I have a large laundry basket filled with fabrics to discard. Each year our shop has a staff stash sale. Our customers are happy and we are left with clean sewing rooms (or something in between!). I never remember when the sale is, but figure I'll be ahead of the game this year. I missed the sale last year, and heard from several disappointed customers who were looking for good folksy "stuff". I've already weeded through my books and patterns. Fabric is the last to go. Then I should have room for the new goodies-- so as you can see there was a method to my madness!
I will be picking up the huge order of show photos tomorrow. Once they are in hand, I can clear them from my camera. But since I know everyone likes photos I'll leave you with just a few! The first two I was given permission to take at the Reproduction Quilts booth. I bought the patterns for the Civil War quilt last year and rounded out my collected fabrics this year with the addition of borders and a few more half yards and Fat Quarters- you'll see those as soon as I get photographing once again. The third photo is one the gals at Bonnie Blue Quilts let me take. I caved in and bought the kit for My Old Kentucky Home. This is their sample hanging beautifully at the front of their booth in the vendor mall downtown. I've wanted to make this quilt for over a year now, and since I am not a very "blue" person, I don't have much in my stash. I just love, love, love this one and can't wait to be able to start it! It will be awhile...too much to accomplish in front of it!
Ahhhhh...well......guess it is back to the job at hand. Wish me luck...I'm going back in!


ForestJane said...

I'm afraid if I made neat 'labeled piles' in my sewing room, the cats would have a midnight rampage and reorganize them for me... lol

Someday I'm going to make it to Paducah, but I've had to work that weekend for the last few years. You make me so jealous!

Amanda said...

Here's hoping that you're well on your way with sorting by now. Unlike forestjane, my cat wouldn't rampage and reorganise, but she would lay on any piles of fabric around and smother them with cat fur - I've never know a cat to moult so much.

Karen said...

That sounds like a good idea, how does your staff stash sale work?

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