May 18, 2008

Playing At Being A City Farmer

I took this URL from child #1's blog. I just found the photos and commentary so delightfully charming! One has to love spring in New York! (I did try to get it to link so you could click thru, but for some reason I couldn't get it right! Hopefully cutting and pasting works for those of you who might enjoy a virtual trip to the Farmer's Market)
I might find myself enjoying the Lilacs,Wisteria,Lavender, Lilly of the Valley, Irises and other flowering goodies around the outside of the house more IF my allergies weren't so bad this spring, and IF I had a Gardner to weed, trim and just keep up with it all. Ah well...I guess playing city farmer has its merits as well.Some days there is nothing better than the smell of this good earth! Other days it is a study on how well Alieve really works. I guess even on those days, it is so worth the aching muscles when everything is blooming and showing off nature's full glory.


Pieceful Afternoon said...

A friend told me that local honey is super for allergies - and I proved that true. I buy local honey from a farmer nearby - just a tsp. a day - usually in my hot tea - has kept me allergy free for years - and I used to suffer with the best of them. Took about 2 months of local honey every day and I was no longer allergic. Something about the minute bits of pollen in the honey giving you a resistance to the pollens in the air. Best wishes - - -

Carol E. said...

Loved the NY link.

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