Jun 5, 2008

A Moment of Seriousness

I hate to throw my politics around..but I'm saddened (as well as worried as to what could happen come November)by the turn of events that will most likely occur over the next two days...question is will Hillary "suspend" her campaign or "concede"?? It makes a difference. I have been and will continue to read the thoughts of others as the DNC draws closer, and found I had to agree with this writer (only a short portion of his comments below):

1. Hillary Clinton has now officially won more votes than any person to seek the presidential nomination of EITHER political party in history, and her candidacy accurately represents the will of the people who voted in the Democratic primaries and caucuses.

2. Hillary Clinton won ALL of the major states except Illinois.

3. Hillary Clinton finished the primary season with momentum, out-performing expectations in several races such as, most recently, Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, Puerto Rico, and South Dakota (see Obama’s predictions spreadsheet); Obama, in contrast, is wheezing across the finish line with a downward trajectory that bodes poorly for the general election.

4. Hillary Clinton assembled a coalition of loyal voters that can guarantee victory against McCain, including white women, hispanics, catholics, jews, and lunch-bucket workers.

5. Barack Obama is still a relative unknown, remains unvetted by the media, and is teetering on the brink of being clobbered by the GOP, RNC, 527 Oppo Teams due to his treasure chest of bizarre skeletons.
In light of these cold, hard facts, Hillary Clinton bloggers and supporters will continue doing what we’ve been doing: Passionately making the case that Hillary Clinton will be the best President, that she has a superior chance of beating John McCain.>>

Can she take this to Denver with out causing more harm to an already compromised Democratic party?? Should she?? I don't have a crystal ball...but I think no.
Will we be able to sit a democratic president come November?? Lord, I can only hope so.

I will now go back to the regularly scheduled musings of a middle-aged quilting blog lady who shows pictures of her quilts, gardens and house...at least for now.....


Julie said...

Looks like an "I don't want to vote for either one" election year. I was looking forward to voting for Hilary.

Victoria M. said...

Sorry you're feeling bad about the primary outcome. Are you open to some suggestions that might help you feel a little better? If not, just delete this comment, no offense taken.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I am an Obama supporter, and have been since before he entered the race. I have been following his career ever since he spoke at the democratic convention 4 years ago. I am in the 'older white woman' demographic. I also am a New Yorker. Hillary has been one of my state senators, and a good one.)

In response to the quotes from the writer:
1. that popular vote issue is not so clear cut as the Clinton campaign would like us to believe. It doesn't count any popular votes from some of the caucus states, for instance. In the end, there wasn't much difference in the popular vote for the 2 candidates.

4. I think the fact that Obama won more states, more delegates and at least as much popular vote shows that he also has a coalition of loyal voters that can help defeat McCain in the fall. Obama is leading McCain in the national polls now, even before he has really done any general election campaigning.

5. I hardly think Obama is unvetted. Rather he has been quite thoroughly picked apart. I'm not sure what the writer means by a treasure chest of bizarre skeletons. If he is referring to the Rev. Wright, that is one person. If he is referring to the recently convicted Rezco, I would suggest checking out some of Clinton's past associations with criminals, questionable donors, etc.

If you feel you don't know Obama, check out his website. Better yet, read his books The Audacity of Hope, and Dreams of My Father. These are both terrific books, not hard to read, and should give you a good sense of the man.

One last comment re not voting for either candidate this year. Do you really want a continuation of what has been going on for the last 8 years? It seems to me that it's extremely important to elect the democratic candidate, even if he was not your first choice in the primaries. I was totally prepared to back and vote for Clinton if she had been the primary winner, because I feel so strongly that we need a democrat in office.

So, I hope in time that you will start to feel better about the election, and will support the democratic party in November. If you and others who are concerned, as you are, will unite together with the party for the good of the country, we then will be certain to win.

For now, back to quilting !!!

Karen said...

Victoria, your comments to my blog entry were well spoken. As a life long democrat, there is no question that I will be voting for Obama come November despite my concerns that he is still (in my eyes) too inexperienced in the back-stabbing ways of Washington. Yes, Hillary is "old guard" but Barrack still is in a (political) honeymoon stage. I hope he has it in him to fight the establishment and not be chewed up and spit out by the powers that be. Politics is a dirty game. He is an impressive orator...his speech at the DMC in 2004 proved that. And I do believe he will make an all out effort to work for the change he talks about- but will all that be enough in a climate such that we have now in this country? As a Clinton supporter, and as a die-hard liberal Democrat- my focus now will be the defeat of John McCain....we as a country can not take more of the same Republican politics that have made us hated- if not a laughing stock through out the world and put us into a war that was unwanted and unnecessary. We've both lived thru the trauma that was Vietnam...The lies have to stop, and we as voters have to make our voices heard.

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