Jun 24, 2008

Vermont Quilt Festival

Well, it is finally here! Time to pack up and head for Burlington, Vermont and the Vermont Quilt Festival . I can hardly wait for the day to end so I can finish the packing (clothes, that is...the sewing machine and fabric were packed yesterday!) and go over the mental list to make sure I have what I need for my last quilting vacation for this year. St. Michael's college -my beautiful home away from home awaits...

...the quad is always so pretty! Even on a foggy morning. This year I am only taking one class- Piping Hot Piping with Susan Cleveland. Class is all day Thursday, so there will be lots of time to relax and head in and around Burlington. I think I may even search out one of Jo Morton's classes and stick my head in for a look see. I know several people who are taking her class, so I can say Hi, but not be too disruptive, or at least I hope not!

I need to track down Bonnie Blue Quilts and then go say hi to the boys from Woodstock, and I'll be happy. After Paducah, there truly isn't much I need...but Bonnie Blue has such wonderful stuff. I should remember to pull a pattern I want to collect for and then get some backgrounds etc. I just love their reproductions! Must own most, if not all of their patterns..don't want to buy a second (or third ) copy as I've been known to do!

So it is off and away tomorrow...fun, laughter, wine, a b'ay dinner for my favorite traveling companion and roommate, and who knows what else! Oh yes, QUILTS! 5 days of immersing myself into the glorious world of quilting...that should jump start my creativity once again.

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Megan said...

we're on our way too! taking a Sally Collins class on Saturday, the show on Friday, look for the misbehaving ladies from NJ!

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