Jun 30, 2008

Back from Vermont

Well, another year at the Quilt Festival has come and gone, and I did very little quilt related "stuff" at VQF!! Honestly, I did about "this much"...which is on par with just about none....and I had the most fabulous time!
Today I'll share just a little tease- no quilts- but a very wonderful time at the Vermont Wildflower Farm. Nature has a way of calming the soul. The slight winds, the few drops of rain,even the big old bull frogs that I swear were right under my feet at the pond,but wouldn't make any kind of appearance (they just sang their sweet songs to one another).
Here is a peek of early summer in the Meadows. Imagine what late summer (or earlier in the spring) had to offer! I did have photos tagged earlier, but the tags didn't upload. I will have to go through at a later date and add comments. I don't, however, really think Mother Nature needs much in the way of comments!

Vermont Wildflower Farm, June 2008


Dorothy said...

Beautiful photos Karen.

Candace said...

Wonderful slideshow. It must have been a peaceful relaxing day.

Quilts And Pieces said...

WOW! Are those flowers gorgeous! What a beautiful place!

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