Jun 20, 2008

Back To My Regularly Scheduled Crafting

Time to get back to crafting and let the political climate here rest!
Actually, there hasn't been much time to do any sewing/quilting/crafting. I have managed to work through the ridiculously huge stash and thin it out quite a bit, but I still feel as if I could do more. The biggest change to my sewing room is a slight rearrangement of furniture and"stuff" so I could put a small desktop for my laptop and other hardware in my space. This necessitated buying storage units for the new crafting...all of a sudden there is an explosion of scrap booking and stamping items!I've decided to extend the scrap booking ideas into card making. I have time for all this, right?? Ha! Who am I kidding...but hey, a girl has to do what a girl has to do! Right now I am planning out a "Book about Me" and an altered address book. I found the chipboard book project on a sale rack and have had fun thinking up ways to put it together. It is like quilting, just with paper!
Pictures to come soon...Have to get the camera dock hooked up again!
For now, I've best get moving and get some "real work" done!


Quilts And Pieces said...

I"ve thought about making cards but I slap myself and set me straight - what do I need with another hobby!

scraphappy said...

So many hobbies, so few hours in the day.

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