Feb 5, 2011

You Like Me!

Anyone Remember Sally Field's acceptance speech years back? That was exactly how I felt last week when Annie emailed me and told me she would like to bestow a Liebster Blog Award to me (well, to my little blog, actually). It was a nice way to perk up a day that was less than stellar. Not to go into any detail (everyone has an imagination!),however, I was quite under the weather not only with snow storm upon snowstorm, but with a horrid stomach bug that was wreaking havoc. I feel more human today and can think clearly enough to post a "thank you"!
I've often thought of this blog as a way to just clear the air, brag a little, or share a bad day/happy day/quilt project/life thought. Never expected to cause any ripples- but i did once, to a fit of hysteria when my daughter informed me of my 15 seconds of fame as the younger set took my post to task for a day or two. It was a fun flash in the pan of the blogging world.
So thank you Annie for finding my blog worthy of reading. Most importantly, thank you for saying it was one you found creative and humorous. Sometimes I take myself way too serious, but try to write with a "twinkle in my eye and a smile on my face".
I will be back with another post after I contact the bloggers I'd like to recognize as ones that make me smile.


annieb said...

You are so welcome! glad you are feeling better- I had a stomach flu this week as well, and just now feeling better.

Cheryl said...

Congratulations!! Your blog posts are always fun to read.

Carol said...

Congratulations! I always enjoy your blog!!!!

Michelle said...


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