Mar 25, 2013

Notes to Myself

Some days I wonder where the my time goes. Mondays seem to bring about the question: what have I up to? What have I done with myself over the past 7 days? Waking up and finding a brand new week ahead of me can be a bit disconcerting when I'm not sure where the old one went! Thinking back on last week, I guess there were things that captured my time. 

These went away as the sun came out for a bit:

I went to my photography class and got to see part of the newest exhibits during gallery shoot: 

" wall graffiti"

Part of the current exhibit caught my attention: "words".  Humm...wonder why (smile)?

(the above is not a great photo- but I still love the entry. Note to self: practice depth of field!)

(the faces above were covered in word collage. Eye catching and rather interesting)

Then there was the mundane every day stuff. Lots of this: 

Note to self: Don't let the day's dishes sit in the sink over night (yuck!). Second note to self: No need to publicize your laziness to the world!

There was the folding of laundry (talk about mundane):

There was catching up on my week's reading- the good, the bad and the ugly!
Note to self: Don't photograph a page in your latest Kindle book that looks like you've discovered "old lady porn" when you are actually reading an "OK for what it is" book (In the Kingdom of Men)

I've been tackling the monster quilt's binding. Two sides down, two to go!  Note to self: Just. So. Big.

I've finished another hand applique block for a project that should have been done 4 years ago!
Note to self: Get. This. Done.

 And got side-tracked by a bit of journal making (Note to self: ADD/procrastination leads to a girl getting nothing done!):

Then of course there was the hunt for the perfect Easter Basket and goodies to go inside. Note to self: get that frog pillowcase made asap! Easter is this Sunday (no time to procrastinate anymore!).

Hummm- no wonder I felt like doing exactly what fearless companion does most of the day:

 Note to self: Naps can be a good thing. 

I guess I didn't let last week get away from me after all-well, OK, not that much. More importantly, I'm glad I spent the day yesterday laughing, sewing and then laughing a bit more with some very lovely ladies. Laughter, sewing, friendships- Note to self: all good things!


laurajane said...

Brilliant post,LOL
My life in your words..haha.I laughed all the way through.
Laura xx

McIrish Annie said...

We all put lots of emphasis on "getting stuff done". I think we all need to focus more on the living the moment and enjoying the process. You had a productive week with lots of good "me" stuff included. As my DH reminds me, no one is going to remember if you were a good dishwasher when you die but a good person, yes.

have another super week!!

Cathie said...

Hi Karen! Love love love this post. I adore your faithful and drowsy pal. This post calls to mind one of my favorite books - one that is on my nightstand right now in fact - one that I have read over and over and over again over the last 5 years, "The Power of Now."
Note to Self: to "heck" with what you "should" be doing, go roll in the leaves, instead!

Noel said...

I love your icicles! And the applique heart? Such a great backgound - and I am solidly with everyone who says "Enjoy the moment!"

Monica said...

Love this! See you Thursday :)

Libby said...

All VERY good things indeed *s* As long as you are enjoyin' life, there's no need to account for your time. It's yours to spend as you wish!

Paula said...

Great post! :) I am feeling the same way - i think it's the weather??

Carol said...

Laughter, sewing, friendships- all very good things indeed! What a wonderful're having fun and that's what matters...ENJOY! and then CELEBRATE!!!

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