Mar 8, 2013

Trading In My Shovel

I give up! I'm done. Done shoveling (for the moment), done complaining (aren't you glad!) 
I set my alarm last night so I could be up early enough to do what had to be done this morning and didn't think a thing about the snow that began falling in the early evening. It looked quite pretty actually, and the dog always has fun romping in it. This morning it was truly pretty, and the dog was besides himself Not so much! I am tired of trying to lift heavy, wet shovelfuls of snow and depositing them away from the sidewalks. But it's done- at least for now (and the driveway can stay covered- I managed to gun the motor and force my way out to the road backwards lol....born and raised in this good state of New York... we know how to get our cars out moving in the snow!!  Since the white stuff is still lightly falling, and I've already made it out to get in a few things I need for the all important cup(s) of coffee - such as half and half- I am declaring the rest of the day a sewing day. I had mentioned that former co-worker and I are working on the last sew-along from Temecula Quilt Company. We're late to the party, but pay that no mind. We are happily catching up and enjoying it tremendously. I know I surely am. Tomorrow I'll have to drag everything back to the sewing room since I need my dining room back on Sunday, but until then I am going to cut, stitch and admire my handiwork. Several friends urged me to "not give up on quilting" (as if that could ever happen?), and I assured them I had no intention of doing so, especially since I do not see professional photography in my future (evil laugh). Want a peek at my progress??  Good! I'm glad! Here we go:

The first two rows joined together- very scrappy indeed

adding stash scraps to an old fat quarter bundle from Barbara Brackman- one of her Civil War Collections

Having a grand time putting these 5" blocks together. The pink print peeking at you from the very top right will be two of the borders. Not sure what the other two sides will be just yet, but I know it will all come together. 

I find myself already thinking about the quilting. Nothing like getting ahead of myself. 
So now it is off to sew- the snow has picked up again, and the flakes are getting fat and sassy once more...I think it is going to be a full afternoon of sewing- I'm trading in my shovel for sure!


McIrish Annie said...

Oh, i was out there too with my trusty shovel. Hubby went to work, i think to avoid shoveling. Lol. I am also headed to the sewing studio. Love your blocks! But i must be strong and avoid starting another project. Snow is still falling here. They said 3 to 6 but we have a good foot! All snuggled in for an afternoon of sewing and reading.

Libby said...

I don't envy that shoveling at all, but I love the declaration of a sewing day. The best defense is to just ignore the problem and do what you like!

Karen said...

Snow shoveling is so far in the past for me. I don't miss it one bit. Do you have a snow blower? I think if we lived in snow land, we would have to have one.

How fun to have a sew day on a snow day. I have envied those participating in the Temecula sew-along because I like the looks of the finished projects. I just haven't had time to do it. I will have to hold my own party as I am late for even the late parties.

Mary Ellen said...

Love the way your scrappy Temecula quilt is coming along. And the snow, in March it's OK to ignor it, especially when the weatherman says we're getting warmer. The sun was great today (Sat.) and melted off my driveway and some the the grass. And, tomorrow and Monday are going to be even warmer. My opinion - bring it!

Noel said...

Always love watching your quilts grow and this one is no different!

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