Jan 28, 2009

Snow Snow and More Snow

Today is the kind of day I really miss having a camera. We are in the mist of yet another snow storm. The shop has declared a snow day- the roads are terrible, and the meeting I was to attend out in the woods (yes literally!) is postponed until Friday. None of the shop owners involved wanted to make the dangerous trek. Can't blame them.

We are supposedly in for another 10" by the time this storm ends later tonight.

I'm nursing the beginnings of a cold, so I am more than happy to stay home and be productive.

I've already baked my favorite coffee cake for our Quilter's Circle meeting tomorrow night, I've done the handouts for February's block of the month, and printed out the patterns for the little baby quilt I made. I'm drowning the germs in cranberry juice laced with seltzer and have decided to forget about the nap I thought I might take, and prepare some rabbits, vines and blossoms for machine applique. I'm achy but not all that tired. I have a movie to throw into the DVD player and I think in the end I can declare it a productive snow day indeed.

Darn it all...I really, really miss that camera. It is so pretty outside- just the kind of day I'd love to photograph. Hope the repairs go on schedule and I can get it back soon. For once I have lots to show, and no way to show it! Go figure.

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