Feb 4, 2009

Some Blocks in (Eternal) Progress

Well, the camera has returned: overhauled, checked out, re-calibrated, re-formatted "re- everything-ed" ...or so they say.
At least it is taking photographs again, but is the loudest (whirring) camera I've ever owned.
I really don't think that (as much as I still love its picture taking abilities) it will last as long as I would like. Guess I should take a ton of photos before it gives up the ghost permanently. So much for blind faith! Maybe I should start researching my next camera now...live and learn.
Anyway, taking pictures is just what I decided to do. Today was one of those "go-me" kind of days. First, I got a new cell phone for free-- yes free! Glad I waited a couple of weeks to go back to Verizon to get a deal- the first look was going to cost me a mere $4.98 after rebate, but my salesman extraordinaire went one click of the computer further and got me a totally free package. And better yet...I got a sleek, slim, well put together basic phone. No big text pad, no "hidden" text pad , no anything I was never going to use! After my rant about not needing the extra blue tooth (for $60) and my need not to be connected to the world 24/7, I got my lovely (free, remember, FREE!) phone and skipped my way to staples where I spent that $50 on a SanDisk card reader! At checkout the reader cost a whopping $43, so I figure I'm $7.00 ahead of the game today. Nice work don't you think?
Since I was able to hook up the reader with out any trouble, I decided to show you my "eternal blocks"! This is why I need a big design wall (next to the small design area above the cutting table). I'm forever getting myself into projects and not finding time to actually finish any...but I've set some priorities so here you go:

Above are my 2.5" churn dash blocks for the Chocolate and Cheddar quilt I'm in the process of making myself crazy with. Actually I do love it, and have proposed a "little quilts " club at the shop. this could be the first project we do if I get up and running with this proposal.
Next is more "chocolate and cheddar". To say this is one of my favorite combinations (thus the tons of scraps in browns and golds/cheddars) is an understatement. Almost as good as pink and brown! This second blocks has been left to sit on the small design wall way too long, and is from one of Bonnie Hunter's mysteries. Her first I think! Head on over to quiltville.com and I'm sure you'll find it! Bonnie is a gem, and I just love the way her quilts use scrap fabrics to their ultimate potential. This quilt will one day get finished. All those cut strips are hanging in plain site in my sewing room so I don't forget! Gee...should have snapped a photo of that too (LOL).

Now this next block is a sample block just to see if I'd like it. Guess what?? I do! Big surprise there,no?? Because of where it is pinned to the board, it is shadowed on the right hand side, but you can still get a good idea .....

I may decide that this is to become a project after all. I'm sure I have chunks of the fabric hidden away "just in case".
And last but not least- tah dah- here is my jump out of my box project! I have the wonderful ability to hop into my car, drive south for about an hour and end up at Woodstock Quilt Supply (goggle them!). Jim and Bob have an awesome shop in the heart of Woodstock,NY (yes, "that" Woodstock). Besides being adorable, they do have a way with quilts. The glimpse below is last year's block of the month program. Some quilting buds and I would get up with the chickens one Saturday a month, meet at a local park and ride and drive down together for a morning of shopping and complete hysteria. It was great fun, and I am embarrassingly behind in blocks. Such a slacker, am I....

So the whole premise behind this post was to see if

1. the camera worked (OK, it's loud but it does).

2. it was easy to use the card reader (it's idiot proof! I'm having a good day).
3. I could manage to get back to talking quilts

I think for the most part, I've succeeded!

Tomorrow- stay tuned. I'll shoot some photos of my little bird baby quilt!


Jenny in Belgium said...

Nice to see you up and going again Karen

Shasta said...

Chocolate and cheddar doesn't sound good as a taste combination, but it does look beautiful together! Your test block is wonderful - it looks like one that is worthy of putting into a quilt.

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