Jan 21, 2009

Change Has Come and Some Marathon Sewing

I think I started watching TV even before the White House changed its web page to reflect our new administration! It was an amazing day on many levels, and I for one am glad it has arrived.

I love this next picture! Sasha, this is exactly how I was feeling yesterday! And btw...you look awesome!

There is much work to be done, but at least there is a feeling of hope. It won't be easy; there are no quick fixes, but where there is hope....

On other fronts, I did manage to do some fun sewing while the little sewing room TV got a work out. I am making (what I think is) an adorable little baby quilt. I found the pattern on the web and had to make it. The fabric companies have so much stuff on their websites- I could just download patterns for days. This one is for a work sample and is made of simple squares- I chose sweet baby pastels- and then has a branch (a funkier brown and pink dot-like fabric) and a momma and baby bird (again funkier blues- one a large dot for momma, the other a swirly squiggle for baby). The top half and all the applique is done, today is the bottom so it is ready for quilting.
What? you ask...no photos??
Well, unfortunately you will have to wait to see my latest projects (except of course the swap blocks I am embarrassingly behind on) because my brand new, what I thought was so wonderful camera up and died on me Monday morning. I won't even hint at my reaction-- this is a family friendly site after all- but let me tell you it wasn't pretty!

I'll share photos as soon as I can- for some reason the quilting bug has hit hard and I am just sewing my heart out. I know there is one member of my family who will find that of great comfort! Seems first born prefers that I quilt rather than create "altered art"!
I'm quilting, first born, I'm quilting!

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YankeeQuilter said...

Blogging does sometimes cut into my sewing time...hasn't the first few days of the new administration been great! Finally Gitmo is on the way out and is being looked at by some military folks...scary place on both sides of the fence.

ps. loved those coats the girls wore!

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