Apr 3, 2011

Week in Review

It was a very busy week. It started out on a sad note when we had to put my sewing buddy, Miss Izzy Guinea Pig, to sleep on Monday. She had a cancerous tumor and then developed a respiratory infection that led to an ear infection. Poor dear. She played her best Camille for me (but acted fine for everyone else). The sewing room seems very quiet and lonely these past few days. We gave her a lovely burial under a slab of patio stone. I'll put a pretty basket of flowers there come summer.

Tuesday I grabbed a train and sped my way to New York City, where I was fortunate enough to see the Red and White Quilt collection hanging at the Park Avenue Armory. It was jaw dropping incredible. Took quite a few photos but will share just a few with you. It will be hard to decide which ones!

Wednesday and Thursday were regular days with my Grandson. We both have spring fever, and love being outside. Mud be darned!! That is what galoshes are for, no??
Thursday night was spend preparing to return to work on Friday. I've been on leave for a very long time, but Mother is settled now in her new living facility. She is safe, well fed and beginning to be a bit more at home. We're getting there!

Sewing will be taking a bit of a back seat until we wave good-bye to youngest child come Friday. She will be dragging two huge suitcases and a ticket to London from where she and the boyfriend will pack up his car and make their way to their new home in Scotland. It has been awhile since we were empty nesters here, and it seems a bit strange that we will be again. I'm sure I'll adjust-eventually!


sophie said...

I'm glad you got to see the Infinite Variety show. Everyone's photos are amazing, but there's nothing like being there.

Libby said...

So sorry to hear about Izzy.

Thank you for sharing the show pics - I guess I left NE just a little too soon. On the other hand, it's almost like being there seeing all the photos around blogland *s*

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh my gosh - J is moving to scotland!!!! Things must have gone well on her trip to visit awhile ago.

Janis said...

Hi Karen I just discovered your blog via Noel's. I love your style of writing. I too had the honor of seeing the red and white quilt show, it was jaw dropping indeed.
Hope you are well and may our paths cross again.

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