Jan 28, 2012

How to Feel Good Without Even Trying

Some days I forget how easy it is to feel GOOD (yes, all capitals!), to smile because you can't help yourself, to shed a tear because you are touched by what you see and hear, to just find delight in what is now an American Institution that has been going strong for over 40 years. Yesterday, the hubby and I ventured out to see the documentary about the young man who at a young age (he cut up his father's coat at the age of 9 to make his first creation)fell in love with puppeteering and dreamed of working on Sesame Street. His passion and his talent is chronicled in the most amazing film: Being Elmo. Kevin is a wonder. Growing up poor in Baltimore, being teased both at home (by his sisters) and at school for his passion, but staying true to himself and a lot of hard work is the basis for his stellar rise in the world of muppets. His parents believed in him- particularly his mother, and my heart just sang when Kevin told the story of how his mom picked up the telephone one day and made a phone call to Kermit Love that changed his life forever. If you have the chance to see this movie, take the time to do it. You too will be charmed, you will feel good, and you will- if you've forgotten in all the hustle and bustle of daily life, have the time to remember that passion is an important part of who we are.
I wish you passion in everything you do- today and everyday!


Sharon said...

Will have to look for this movie...thanks for sharing, its a wonderful message!

The Happy Chance said...

Thanks for sharing. We all need to find passion in what we do. When we live with passion, we're living fully. I'll have to check out this documentary. Again, thank you!

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