Jan 21, 2012

For the Birds!

I woke up this morning to two things: snow! Yay! (even if it isn't going to be enough to finally go snowshoeing, bah humbug.) and those guys pictured above. Hundreds of them.
Screeching, screaming, fluttering and flying. It's a bit disconcerting. It isn't the first time either. I hear them in all their eerie glory- right through my locked tight bedroom windows.
We have a program here in these parts were we share these noisy nuisances with the cities across the river. We "scare" them away with lights, loud noises and the like and then they fly cross river. Then they return! The smart folk across the river "scare" them way with lights, loud noises and the like. I think all it does is annoy the population of humans and make us a laughing stock to "the flock".

Now it's bad enough that I get up to this, but then I realize I am going to have to practice Duck and Cover all over again. Hey- I grew up in the mist of the Cold War. Ducking and Covering was a subject well practiced in schools. So well practiced I was scared to death the bomb was going to find me no matter what! But I digress...the ducking and covering I need to do during this invasion is due to the rain of droppings let loose by the unruly crowd in the neighborhood trees. It's winter remember- no leaves. Just long branches full of winged creatures. They sit and scream at you as you walk your poor terrified dog (doesn't take much to spook him under these war-like conditions, especially at night when it can get particularly gruesome) and drop their bodily excretions left and right. With the numbers populating the trees, you have to run a zig-zaggety course through the sounds of the plopping. It isn't pleasant. In fact with all the noise and all the taking off, circling and landing (all the while screaming at each other) I feel very much like Tippi Hedren. Remember her??

It's a bit scary I tell you, a bit scary.
But I'm home now. Obviously! I'm safe from the "fall out". For Now! I think I am going to prepare a couple of blocks for handwork- but NOTHING WITH BIRDS!!
Have a good day, folks.

1 comment:

Monica said...

I am totally excited you're blogging again. Also, those birds are crazy freaky! xxoo

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