Jul 27, 2011

Hurray! It's Done!

Funny how those "couple of days" offline stretched out into more days than ever expected!
The renovations to the breakfast room are done, but not without drama that I will spare everyone. Then the wireless went down. Disconnect, reconnect, nothing...new box, new technology. Now I'm back up and running...oh wait! Not so fast. Then wham....pinched nerve, muscle spasms...guess it is time to admit I am not as young as I used to be?? Nah, there will be none of that. What feels good now is to be mobile enough to sew some. Double Hurray.
For those of you waiting for more pictures from this year's Vermont Quilt Festival, I need to now document the contest quilts and will slowly get them up for you all to see. For now, lets just show off a bit and share my Farmer's Wife Sampler blocks- all five of them. Last year, I fell in love with this sampler and had to do it. What else is new?? Love, must do....story of a quilter's life. So thus it began, and slowly came to a frustrating end. The templates weren't quite right,and there was very little direction in the book. Tried paper piecing. Hated that. The blocks got stashed in the circular file and I washed my hands of the entire project. Or so I thought!
A local shop has a club going and two quilting friends were raving about it. One friend showed all the information they got for rotary cutting etc. and her blocks were fabulous. This was the way for me to go-- let someone else figure it all out for me.
Lo and behold doing some "homework" got me lots of useful information and I decided to take the plunge by myself once again. Behold:

Block 1: Attic Windows

Block 2: Autumn Tints

Block 3: Birds in the Air

and yes, I did say five blocks, but blogger won't let me post any more photos right now. Maybe tonight?? It feels good to be back in the sewing room for short periods of time, AND have my computer up and running. It is a glorious day, now that the heat wave has left and I intend to enjoy it! Naturally it isn't going to last...the heat and humidity is expected to return in the next couple of days. More reason to sew!
But til then, life goes on......


Cheryl said...

Love your FW blocks. We are doing a club at our shoppe also and rotary cutting them. That is all but a few that just have to be FPP. Have fun sewing.

lynneUSA said...

Welcome back, love the blocks

Quilts And Pieces said...

I need to get back to my civil war love letter blocks.

Carol said...

YIPPEE! You're back! Love your blocks!

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