Jul 8, 2011

Revisiting The Vermont Quilt Festival- Part 3

As previously mentioned, QB and I took advantage of the Gallery Talks that were given daily at VQF's special exhibits. It is here, at our second talk, that we got to meet and listen to Marjorie Haight Lydecker of Yarmouth Port, MA. We were joined during the talk by what we later learned were some of her students (as well as other fascinated quilters with an appreciation for applique).

Marjorie has been quilting for forty years, having joined her daughter at adult education classes. Within a couple of years, Marjorie began to teach classes herself, and was soon recognized by Ellie Sienkiewicz at her Applique Academy at which Marjorie was invited to teach. In the thirty years that Marjorie has been teaching, her students have numbered well over 500. Quite an accomplishment. It is her hope, writes Marjorie, that her students will find joy in discovering and persevering in the continuing expression of their individual artistry*.

(Photo of Marjorie - proudly grasping the flowers brought to her by one of her sons- as she talked about the quilts in her exhibit: Life's Work: The Quilts of Marjorie Haight Lydecker and Her Students)

The quilt behind Marjorie is Christopher's Quilt made by Eleanor Meaney (now deceased) of Hanover, MA. It has twenty-five log cabin squares and sixteen half squares, alternated with forty black and red squares. There are forty-two trapunto flowers and is an original design.

Note the prairie point border in the first photo (I wish I had taken a close up). Marjorie told us that originally the prairie points were all black, but Eleanor did not like them one bit when she got them finished. Look closely- you might see a tiny border of black around the tan fabric. Eleanor hand appliqued the tan over each of the prairie points! The quilt is hand embroidered and hand quilted.

The first of the eleven of Marjorie's quilts that I photographed is her Tree of Life.

"This quilt was inspired by an antique quilt. Original hummock design at base. Border mirrors images of two Pennsylvania designs and one 17th century design. The Jenny Beyer border print is hand appliqued. Quilt is hand appliqued, quilted and embroidered."

Next is A Fine Romance:

"Nine appliqued squares inspired by Elly Sienkiewicz' books. Alternating bordered toile squares and triangles. Jinny Beyer's toile fabric depicts a hunting scene with a romance. Hand appliqued, pieced and quilted."

Unfortunately these are the only two I had time to photograph, but they were also my favorites among Marjorie's showing. I was particularly interested in her student's works as I saw the joy they exhibited and the respect for Marjorie and her talents was more than evident. Having spend a small amount of time in her circle, I can see why! Tomorrow's posts will feature the student's work.

* from Curator's Essay VQF 2011 catalog.


Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh wow! Loved the visit of your blog tonight! I've seen pictures of that crazy quilt before. It blows my mind!

Julie Fukuda said...

Many thanks for sharing these.

Carol said...

Thank you so much for taking us along to the Vermont Quilt Festival...what amazing quilts!

Cheryl said...

Another great post. The commitment to make such large quilts all by hand amazes me...true heirlooms.

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