Jul 9, 2011

Revisiting The Vermont Quilt Festival- Part 4

Today's post will begin the journey through the quilts made by the students of Marjorie Haight Lydecker mounted for the special exhibit: Life's Work: The Quilts of Marjorie Haight Lydecker and Her Students. I am a big fan of Jo Morton and so as I entered the student's exhibit area I gasped as not one but three Emma's Courtyard quilts hung facing me. Courtyard has been on my to-do list for years. I had actually gathered fabrics to begin its making- and am sure that I have dipped into them time and again. Gives me an excuse to collect again, now, doesn't it! I did make Emma's Quilt- the small version Jo first designed, and it is one of my favorite wall hangings. Courtyard is the expanded quilt Jo designed for her guild. I'm not sure as to what year- I would have to look up my booklet!

*I am hoping that I have the correct maker with the right quilt! Remember that technical difficulty with the photo numbers!? If I have misrepresented in any way, it was not intentional and I ask that anyone who might notice a discrepancy in the following postings let me know so corrections can be made.

The photos aren't fabulous, I guess I was just a tad too excited, but let me present the three Emma's to you:

This first rendition of Emma was made by Estelle Trzcinski of Cotuit, MA. She noted that it was a joyful endeavor, hand appliqued, hand pieced and hand quilted.

This second version (that so deserves a better photo!) was made Emilie Barrett of Yarmouth Port, MA. It is hand appliqued, hand and machine pieced. The quilt was machine quilted by Mary Schilke of Catamount Quiting in Wells River, VT.

Lorraine Whitehouse of Duxbury, MA made this version using a palette of "about 65 fabrics, finishing it in three years". It was hand appliqued, hand pieced and embroidered. The only stitching done by machine was applying the first course of binding which was then hand stitched to the back.

I declare all three to be great beauties, and need to keep myself from pulling out my booklet from among my Jo Morton books. I will NOT start another project...well, at least not today!

In and Around the Baskets is another quilt by Emilie Barrett of Yarmouth Port. As if her Emma's Courtyard wasn't spectacular enough, look at this beauty inspired by Jenna Kimball's book Red and Green- An Applique Tradition. It is hand appliqued (2000-2001),and was hand quilted by Claudette Cavalier, Concord, 2001.

In 2000 Emilie also began Joys of Nature's Beauty. She adapted her version from Emily Senuta's Blooms and Baskets Patterns, finishing it in 2009. It is hand appliqued, embroidered and hand quilted. This quilt was stunning.

Another stunning quilt was Fruitorama by Frances Abell Brand of West Dennis, MA.

This center medallion, mixed medium quilt uses beautiful fall colors.
The center medallion is theorem painted on velvet and there are four additional small theorem paintings.

Quilt related quotations are handwritten in the four cartouches; this one reads: "Quilting is not a matter of life and death, it is more important than that". The quilt is hand quilted!

Admiring Marjorie's Tree of Life quilt, Claire Costello of Dennis, MA. made her version under Marjorie's tutorage. A Tree in All Its Splendor Be was hand appliqued and hand quilted. Begun in 1998, it took Claire 2 years to complete her quilt.

Another of Marjorie's students whose works I found exceptional was Alice Flynn of South Yarmouth, MA. Alice's Pot of Flowers was inspired by a photograph. She chose blacks, gold,red,green and purple, hand appliquing and hand quilting her quilt. The inner border was also hand pieced.

Alice made her Cutwork Blues around a traditional center design of a Princess Feather. The surrounding blocks are designs by Elly Sienkiewicz. The sashing and outside borders were of Alice's own design. Completed in 1995,it is hand appliqued and hand quilted.

Peonies and Ivy, A Baltimore Tradition by Sydney Glover of Chatham MA was made with "much encouragement from Marjorie Lydecker, and all of Elly Sienkiewicz's books to pore thru". It took three and a half years to finish. Sydney commented that she loved hand sewing every stitch!

To be continued......


Heather said...

Thank you so much for sharing these lovely quilts. So inspiring. I think "Emma's Courtyard" is a new addition to my wish list!

Julie Fukuda said...

I love the way three different people can put their own touch on the same pattern... alike but not identical. Greatly inspiring quilts!

Cheryl said...

I'm breathless!

annieb said...

All I can say is Wow!

Karen said...

The applique quilts must have been so good to see up close and personal because they look very good in your pictures.

myrtle said...

OH my! absolutely impressive.
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