Mar 7, 2011

The Winter That Never Ends

Didn't anyone tell Old Man Winter that he could pack up his bags and head off else where now? Seriously, I have had enough. More than this rate we'll be looking for spring in June. I kept waking up last night hearing the winds trying to blow in my bedroom windows (and mine was half open- I needed the air). I couldn't help but sit up and watch for a bit as I realized I was truly seeing ice coating everything around. During another wake up period, the sky to the east was lighting up as if we were going to have "thunder ice" (as opposed to thunder snow). I'm not so sure that it was as I kept hearing the very distinctive low eerie vibrations of groaning electrical wires. I could also hear the faint sounds of sirens. This scenario continued for about half an hour. Something was definitely going on.

This morning I woke thinking that the ice was making the neighborhood look foggy- but quickly realized that it was snow! Increasingly heavy snow over the sleet and ice coating everything around (see the above photo of the tree across the street). Looking out the back door, I noticed a tree branch from our old Maple lying across the middle of the yard. Looking around more I saw this:

What this WAS is my once lovely (and large) Butterfly Bush- split right down the center. Look close, you'll see the center branch lying there- no match apparently for the weight of the ice. There is a city police car and a truck on the side street- wonder if there are downed lines?? **

Now I know this is not cataclysmic, the rest of the world is suffering its own assaults from nature, many worse than another ice/snow storm. I'm just a bit whiny and tired after our house has also been visited by "The Plague". Mom's assisted living facility was ravaged by a very nasty intestinal virus. With my being there 13 hours a day just before and while ran rampat getting both residents and staff, it was just a matter of time. Mom came down with it last Tuesday. It was horrible. I'll spare the details, and am just glad she is now better and has no memory of it at all. I went down on Thursday afternoon, and since Saturday AM the cry around our home is "man down" as both the husband and the youngest child succumbed. I am actually thinking Youngest has the flu (we are at the height of the season here) but no matter- we've all have been/ are sicker than sick.

Today is the first day I've felt almost normal- and thru all this have dropped about 5 pounds (the only positive!). I've done no sewing, but did pick out fabrics yesterday for the next Jo Morton Club project. I looked at it again last night and it surely reflects my mood- somber. I may change it up, but then again, it makes a statement and I may just go with it! We'll will you when I next post.

I hope the world around you is in better spirits.
As for me- all I can say is "Go away winter, please go away"!

** Hubby walked the dog around the block- side street is closed due to a tree down.


Cheryl said...

I feel for all of you experiencing the rage of winter! Sorry to hear everyone was stricken with illness. We have had the flu bug in our house. I am knocking on wood~I have avoided it so far.

annieb said...

Hang in there! Maybe some spring like colours will help.

Linda said...

Winter blues are the worst! I get it !! I'm so ready for Spring! Hopefully soon,

Melanie said...

No fun...No fun at all....leave it to you to find a bright side....weight loss. The stitching isn't going anywhere.. recoup.... Take care...

Julie Fukuda said...

I guess that is why they say "March comes in like a lion." It has been kicking the door down here as well.
As for the flu thing, we did that at a family reunion two years ago. I think only two members of the extended 19 family members got off easy.

Carol said...

I'm sending Spring wishes your more Winter! You've had more than enough. Take care.

Libby said...

You really did take a hit with that storm. Hold on - I keep hearing that it's going to end soon. I'll be thinking only sunshiny thoughts for you *S*

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