Mar 10, 2011

Lights! Camera! Action!!

No, no, I'm not attending, starring in or directing a movie (bet you're glad to hear that!). I came home Thursday night to the words "Your box arrived".
My box? MY BOX!!
You see back in the olden days of yore..that would be November of 2010...The Husband asked what I might like for Christmas. Having not even one single idea of something I really wanted or needed, I didn't give him any ideas. Being "The Husband" he had no ideas of his own so gave me an IOU. Well, can I tell you this worked out just perfectly. Right after the holidays, I was reading a quilting list I am on (and I hardly ever have time to do that, but fate stepped in and I did read it that day), and heard about this:

You'll need to cut and paste- I can't get it to link up properly (sorry!).
The short video posted on YouTube will give you some idea of this fabulous product!
This weekend I will take a few photos of it set up with my own machine and share the happiness. Patty of RoboWhittler was more than wonderful about answering my countless questions via email (email address appears at the end of the video if you'd like more information. I know you'd be happy to explore this product more for yourselves.
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