Mar 12, 2011

So This is Free Time?

Knowing that things are looking up, and that Mom is getting the care she needs makes for a full night's sleep these past few nights. Getting that much needed sleep also makes for waking up bright and early- 5:30am this morning. I found that to be ridiculous, but when I couldn't fall back to sleep, I decided to use the early dawn hours to do some sewing.
I am working on my blocks from Patriots in Petticoats so I can catch up with the current mailing (blocks 5 and 6) and am doing my best despite a few setbacks: block #1 is on hold due to needing ONE 3" square of fabric! Block 4 is on hold as my kit did not contain the green fabric needed for the block. I will have to give Fran a call and ask if she can send me the missing fabric(s) so I can finish up.
Sewing at dawn's early light, gave me the opportunity to use my most fabulous LED lighting system, and I just love it! I took a few photos (forgive the bad shots- my camera ate the battery again and I used The Daughter's, which I had trouble figuring out!).
This first picture shows my light as it sits around my machine set up. It is free standing and doesn't get in the way of a thing. I can use my cones of DMC sewing thread and I have all my necessaries right at my fingertips, including the pattern directions (above on the pattern rack) and my snips.

This photo is from the'll see there are more storage drawers here as well. I'm sure in time I'll know what to fill them with other than my handy dandy seam ripper.

This really doesn't do justice to the fact that the extended bed of my machine now looks like a landing pad with the unit on:

Compared to what it is like without the extra light (again- no justice served with this photo!):

This is the block I finished this am- just pretend you can actually see it!

Two more blocks and I am completely caught up- and it is only March 12th. A new record!
I think I like this free time! It has been a long time in coming, but I wouldn't have done things differently.

Along with sitting at the sewing machine, while caring for mom this past month and a half, I was working on my hand applique. I have started my Civil War Bride Quilt blocks, and have been accepted as a contributor at the CWBQ blog. You can see my first entry and my first two blocks here.


annieb said...

Beautiful blocks! Glad things are going well for you. I love to sew early in the morning-helps start the day in a relaxed manner...

Karen said...

That looks like one super duper sewing machine. Does it do it all by itself? Wouldn't that be the kind of machine to have!

Cheryl said...

I am up at 5:30am each day and get most of my piecing done in the quiet early hours of the morning. Perhaps a LED lighting system would be what I need too. So glad Mom is safe and settled and you can return to some sewing. Have fun with the CWB blocks.

Libby said...

You get a lot done before 9 in the morning *s*

Melanie said...

Great blocks. A real "knack" for choosing color combinations.

Linda said...

I love free time!! Never seem to get enough of it though!! Love the light. Really makes a difference. Blocks are gorgeous!!

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