Mar 23, 2011

Good Bye Elizabeth

Today seems like the end of the Golden Age of Hollywood with the passing of Elizabeth Taylor. I admit it. I love the movies. Always have. Not so much what gets churned out now by studios, but the good old movies. The ones that had honest to goodness movie stars. What can I say- I'm of that age. Clark Gable's Rhett Butler made me want to be a southern belle in distress. Kate Hepburn made me feel just the opposite- give me a great pair of pants, an man's shirt and I too could be strong, capable, a feminist before it became popular. Bette Davis- those eyes! I still love to watch Charlton Heston lift his staff and part the Red Sea (I thought that was a great visual effect- and it was back then). But Elizabeth! What can one say about this amazing woman other than the word beauty?? Yes, there were the husbands- all what? 8 of them if we count Richard twice?? The scandal surrounding her marriage to Eddie Fisher. Frankly, it pales in comparison with what goes on today. I will remember Elizabeth (who hated to be called "Liz") best like this:

Who didn't love Velvet Brown?? National Velvet is still one of my favorite movies, along side Who's Afraid of Virgina Woof. I think Elizabeth the person may have gotten lost in Elizabeth the headline maker. I think the things I admire her most for is her love for her family- her children, her grandchildren. And what she did from the heart. The money she helped raise for AIDS research. To me Elizabeth defined ICON and am saddened by her passing.


Angie said...

I hadn't heard yet that she died. I agree...the end of an era.

Michelle said...

I just found out. They don't make em like they used too. She was a beautiful women...inside & out.

Kat said...

The most beautiful eyes of Hollywood..
That was a real and great actress..

Adieu Elizabeth.

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