Mar 25, 2011

I Might Be Doing This Backwards!

I have been taking time each morning to cut fabrics for one block to work on when I get home and settled at night. Wednesday A.M. I cut to begin sewing these:

Sewed my little heart out that night and finished this block:

So, I thought to my smug little self. This system could really work! Just think of all I could get finished if I could sew a block a day. Notice the operative word in this sentence is smug! So Thursday morning I made sure to cut for another block of this same project. All the pieces were waiting for me last evening when I sauntered up to the sewing room and began to sew. The process of putting the block together was straight forward and quite simple, as long as I continued to refer back to the designated letters on the patten sheet (there are no color photos for us to reference). By 10:45pm I had the next block all pieced and pressed to it's glorious 12.5" square. Isn't it nice?

So why do I think I'm doing this all backwards?? Easy- at 11pm as I was closing up shop and took another look at the lovely blocks on the small design wall- it occurred to me that I didn't remember seeing a block that looked like this one in the small printout that came with the blocks. Now which one was this block?? The rentitions were also not in numerical order, so I kept hunting. That is when the light bulb in my head went off! Holy Seam Ripper, batman!! As nice as this block looks- it is all wrong!! The reds should be sewn against the reds and the navy against the navy. Do I leave it and have my own version of the project?? Who would know (besides me and now all of you!)??
I'll bet that by tonight it is going to bother me so much that I'll be doing the rip-it-out dance. We'll see. Maybe I am indeed doing this all backwards, and should cut at night and sew first thing in the am?? Stay tuned!


Cheryl said...

I like the idea though, even if this one came out a little wonky. Great way to make steady progress on a project. Now if I could only stay up that late! ;-D

annieb said...

You are right - no one would know but you...I wish I could sew that late at night, too, but I am an early bird and so not a night hawk.

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