Jul 16, 2010

Friday Facts

Fact- It is really hard to think straight when you've been up since 5am! (For me this is an ungodly hour, but I did get a bit of sewing in.)

Fact: When your toothbrush "violently" jabs that little piece of skin tissue that keeps your upper lip connected to your upper gum line it hurts like blazes- and bleeds like crazy for a long time! (With thoughts for you, gentle readers, and for my own dignity, there will be no photo.)

Fact- Mahj Jong isn't just an "old lady" game.

Fact: I was very excited about my little backyard garden and its delights

UNTIL we took a neighborhood house and garden tour. I stepped out onto a back deck and saw this:

This garden had 3 (or was it 4?) levels...ending in a complete apple orchard which was espaliered along the back fence...seriously! In the city!! How come I didn't get a long double lot with my property?? Wishful thinking!

Fact: I don't have time to keep a garden like the one above! Get over it!!

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