Jul 14, 2010

( Wednesday) Workspace Tour

Midweek seems like a good time to peek into the world of my workspace. I had most of last week to sew, and not only did it feel great, I was able to get a lot of things from the list moving along.
This first look is an over all glimpse of my cutting table. Yes, I was able to cut on it earlier, much earlier, and once the camera did its job, all the chaos was put into its rightful corner. You will see my sew-along project from Kelly's Charming Girl blog hanging from the shelf in the background. I had a whole different concept in mind until Le Poulet arrived in the shop! Workmate Enabler told me it was in the office, and I just had to use it! I love this group of fabric. The design utilizes a bordered 4-patch and a 16 patch. Small but great fun. I love working with small blocks. You have to sew carefully (after careful cutting, of course) but it is so worth it!
Looking at the surface of the cutting table, you will find my Teach Yourself Blocks from the Past blocks. I am happy with how these 6" (finished) blocks are shaping up. This is the year I am challenging myself to use blues. I don't often use this color in my projects and it is high time I did. The color scheme will be blues, shirtings, creams and tans, black, brown, red and cheddar. Sounds like a "hot mess" I'm sure, but it will be wonderful when it is done...I just know it!

Here's a better look at the blocks making up the inner design of the sew along quilt and a closer look at the books in my clear box:

I have to definitely decide between two of the Schnibbles projects I'm waffling between. Here is choice one- the one I am leaning towards (sorry the photos ended up sideways...tried several times to fix but I'm not sure if it is me or blogger that is having an issue today!

and choice two:

What do you think of the color combo for my blocks?? Hot mess, or going well (you can be honest!):

These little packages hold 4" (finished) swap blocks. Several months ago the sewing group at work decided to do a monthly swap. It was organized by our former shop partner who moved off to Cape Cod on a permanent basis when her husband received an offer from a hospital in Falmouth. JS missed the fun and camaraderie of our sewing circle and drummed up support for a Broken Dishes swap. I don't have the time to get to the sew-ins any longer, but make sure my blocks are left at the shop for swapping the last Thursday of the month. I really liked these combos this time around. I was a month behind and so you will see June's tan and gold blocks as well as July's tan and red all set to go:

Moving on to the right of the cutting station is my design wall. Three more projects are sitting and waiting here:

This is the first of 2 Civil War Sampler BOM blocks (the 12" block). The second finished block is the same fabric and design only done at 18".

I have also completed my two colorways for the "Buck-A-Block" program at my favorite shop- one will be pink and browns and the second shades of red repros. You also get a glimpse of my current Jo's Little Women Club project-- 3" finished stars! My DH thinks this is just totally crazy, but I love them! They will be all scrappy browns and beiges/tans.

And there you have it...tons of ongoing projects, very little time. But! I am a happy camper that so much is done so far. Hopefully next Wednesday I'll have more to show you- or at least a decision as to which Schnibble I'm making!
Let the sewing continue!!


Karen said...

I spy an eagle block. I like those.

Karen said...

Love your work. Noticed the Civil War block. I am making the same quilt--from Quilts Plus in Indy.
Finished the 18" square last night--It is short 1/4" in one corner. Going to have to see if I can stretch it a bit.

Karen in IN

Heidi said...

Love your Charming Friends quilt top. I spied a quilt frame in your room so are you also a hand quilter? I am hand quilting mine when it is cool enough to work on and it is no where near done yet. I hope to get farther this weekend so I can show it soon.

Hugs from Holland ~

Ulla said...

So many things going on at your desk! I like your version of the BCF quilt.

Michelle said...

I just love the red, black & white!

And all of your blocks look wonderful!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Hey guess what! I just bought a charm pack this week to make the X-Rated quilt in the new Schnibbles book! Is that the one you decided on?

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