Jul 24, 2010


I made a commitment NOT to blog on weekends, but it is pouring, the laundry is done for the weekend (I think) and all I have left is to clean Miss Izzy Guinea Pig's cage. As I mentioned in my last post, I joined in on my very first Friday Night Sew In over at Heidi's blog. I had already chosen this Schnibbles pattern

and this Charm Pack by Blackbird Designs so it was easy to get started on a little project (yes! another one!!)

My night went something like this:

7:45pm- start a load of whites so that mom's pants would be ready for my sister to pick up in the am

7:55pm- head to attic to pick out a background fabric from the huge stash hidden from plain view

8:05- background chosen, begin cutting the following:

85 background squares at 2"x2", 44 side triangles, 4 corner triangles, 72 assorted print squares at 2"x2", 36 2"x5" assorted print strips.

8:45pm- let the sewing commence!

10pm- change laundry. Pat myself on back- three rows are finished! Four more rows are set to go.

11:30pm- Eyes are crossed, I've been up 17 hours so far, and as much fun as I am having, I think it is time for bed! Is that allowed at a Friday Night Sew-In??
I'm half done and expect to spend my day tomorrow sewing to completion. What a great way to spend a quiet Friday night.

Stay tuned, more to come soon.....



Carol said...

Love your X Rated...what a great Friday night you had! You got lots done!

Angie said...

Great success with the FNSI. You made great progress on your night.
Angie at www.craftedAngles.com

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh looking good! I got mine cut out at least!

Heidi said...

That is totally allowed on a FNSI!! Progress is progress.

That is probably my all time favorite Schnibbles pattern by the way. Looks great!

Sharon said...

This is one of my favorite Schnibble patterns, it is looking great! 11:30 is way past my bedtime! It looks like you completed a lot before the witching hour...hope you did get to sew on Saturday, I got my Plan C Schnibble quilt finished and ready to quilt!

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