Jul 10, 2010

Friday Facts

(This is a second attempt: Factoid- it is not at all a happy time when you write a post and have it eaten by cyberspace!)

Fact 1: It is actually not Friday, but Saturday- see above note)

Fact 2. Post birthday party streamers and extra Cheerios are WAY fun when you are one!

Fact 3: Excessive heat and lots of watering turn THESE into monster tomatoes! ("after" photos to come)

Fact 4: Taking a quilting class with a teacher you really like (Cindy Erickson) is a "GOOD THING"-- even if you are really self-critical and HAVE to re-applique that not so perfect handle on your Double Handled Basket block. (see Indigo and Shirting block at bottom of group). Another fact-remembering what your classmates' names are is impossible, making it very difficult to give due credit for blocks that share photo space with yours!

Fact 5: Quilts like this make me want to run (fast) to my scrap bin!!

Close up of center with applique:

Quilt Documentation: "Dutch Oude" by Mary Elizabeth Kinch and Biz Storms. Track quilted by Sandra Reed. Third Place ribbon Vermont Quilt Festival, 2010.

Fact 6: I will spend the day sewing! Results will be shared next week, because:

Fact 7: There will be no blogging on the weekends!


Karen said...

I love the basket blocks. The addition of the appliqued handle gives the block added interest. I love basket quilts!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh is he just the sweetest! Wow, that quilt probably would make me run away!!!! It is amazing. I can't wait for my tomatoes to get ripe - I have a long way to go yet for that.

needlesandpins said...

I love your basket blocks also. I have never seen a pattern with two handles before. They look great.

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