Jul 3, 2010

Ready to Return to Blogging

Been doing a bit of life cleaning. You know the drill....figure out what is causing the stress and try to do away with as much as you can to return to a peaceful state of mind.
I've cleaned up my act, taken a quilting vacation, thrown in a few "just for me" things (like a trip to Boston to attend a Lady GaGa concert- imagine!!). I feel refreshed, a bit more relaxed and a lot happier with the state of my creative soul.
With all the happy changes, I've declared the hiatus from blogging over, and would like to redesign this space, but not today! Today is the weekly trip to our favorite Farmers Market, some much needed garden weeding and sprucing (the mulch arrives Tuesday) and a self-rewarded time to work on a little quilting project. I'll have more for any readers that return (stumble upon) my blog.
Until then- I hope you all reward yourselves with something "just for you".
Happy 4th to those celebrating...
to all: enjoy the weekend. I'm looking forward to puttering in the garden, sewing and getting together with friends and family.

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Quilts And Pieces said...

I could use a little just for me time. Had one of those nights where the husband is mad at me and all 4 kids hate me. Oldest told me she didn't want me to come visit next week and it has been since Dec since I've seen her. Yup, sitting here feeling sorry for myself.

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