Jul 23, 2010

Time to Sew

It's another Friday Night Sew In...but the first time for me.
Great way to start the weekend...and lord knows I've got plenty to work on!
Then of course there is the "new bee in my bonnet".
What to do, what to do??
To read all about it and see who is sewing away you can go here:
The link to the sew in will be on the right hand margin of Heidi's blog.
Happy surfing....

1 comment:

Sharon said...

OK...so what did you decide to sew? Someday I will have to partake in the Friday Night sewin...but last night we played Blokus, then put the top down on the old Mustang and went to the Dairy Queen. Gotta wait until the sun goes down to enjoy being outside! Enjoy your weekend!

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