Jul 23, 2010

Friday Facts

Fact #1. Having children who cook is a wonderful thing. Wonder how long I'll have the girls home??

Fact #2. I officially HATE squirrels! Just in case I forgot to tell them- I DID NOT plant my garden for their foraging pleasures. AND it is completely RUDE to take my tomatoes, nibble bits and pieces and leave the remains to rot on my deck floor and railing.

Fact #3. Doggie surgery is EXPENSIVE, but oh so worth the cost when your four-legged baby is no longer in pain and has a new lease on life! Not only does Goober Beagle look better, he is positively puppy-like these days. It is a good thing.

Fact #4. I am seriously procrastinating this am. Why can I get up and out at the crack of dawn on "baby days" and then sit and groan like an old lady on "shop days". I need an attitude adjustment.

Fact #5. It is officially the summer place to be. Saratoga's racing meet begins today. New hat anyone??

Fact #6. New job, very happy child. It is all good!

Happy Friday. Happy weekend....

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