Oct 14, 2009

No photos today, but...

I did spend most of the day at the sewing machine! Last night I finished re-piecing a candle mat from a new project book by Holly Taylor. Now, I should mention that it was all pieced and ready for binding, but something didn't look quite right to me. It took a couple of days before I realized that I used the outer border fabric in the "twist" instead of the red "main" fabric. It was a matter of wordy semantics. When I think main border fabric I think "outer" border. What about you?? Oh well, since I was partially under the weather, I'll give myself a break. So, my seam ripper and I got totally re-acquainted and I had to rip off all the outer borders, remove the wrong twist pieces and do a bunch of resewing. It was totally worth the effort! At least it is almost done and will be ready to be used in the shop's booth at this weekend's Empire QuiltFest in Clifton Park,NY. Today I did all the (machine) quilting and got ready to bind. Wouldn't you know-- I don't have the intended binding material here. Either I never cut it, or I left it at the shop over the weekend. Darn it all. Now I will have to "rush" to make sure it is done for Friday night set up. Thankfully it is just a candle mat and not a quilt!! I'll get it all done tomorrow evening. Happily, I was pleased with the outcome of the machine quilting this time around, but made a mental note that I enjoy hand quilting so much more. I hope to do more of it this winter.

I'll fire up the camera this weekend and take a photo (or two) of my latest endeavor as well as my Jo Morton 9-Patch.

Now it is on to the Acorn and Oak Leaf block for Sunday's get together with some quilty friends. I don't think I'm going to have 4 other blocks done this month, but at least I can have this assignment finished, since I was the one who chose it!

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