Oct 31, 2009

Rainy Halloween Night and a Finish

Tonight will be a short post- when the rain lets up those Happy Halloween Candy Lovers stream out to "Trick or Treat", AND I'm trying to adjust to my new life schedule. Starting next week, I'll be out of the house every day rather than just three days a week, so I'm cooking ahead! Wonder how long that will continue?! Tonight is a beef stew, and tomorrow's intent is to make a large pot of cauliflower, potato and cheese soup. I also bought the fixings to make Black Forest ham sandwiches with cranberry mustard to go with that midweek soup ....well, all but the ham. I'll get that fresh come Tuesday night.
So without much more fanfare, here is the finish for my October commitment to the Charming Girls Club....all neatly hand quilted and bound with a single fold binding. I loved doing the hand quilting!! It has been a long time since I actually hand quilted something, and I just enjoyed it so much. I also love how the single fold binding lays on this small quilt. The usual double fold would have been too thick for this little treasure.

With fall in full swing, I am feeling that urge to dig in and sew more. Good thing- I have LOTS of little 9-Patches to complete for the Sew Along over at the Charming Girls Quilt Club! I also have a couple projects to work on for November. I am bound and determined to give a couple of quilts this Christmas, and if this commitment thing works- I think I can do it!!
So off I go...Happy Halloween to one and all.


Karen said...

A very good finish. I like to hand quilt but have not done any this year at all. I got all my projects done for October.

joantufts said...

Gorgeous... Yes I agree the committment and the support is all we need to get those lovey gifts ready for the up coming season, which I love....
Happy sewing.

Karen said...

Thank you to both Karen and Joan..
I can't remember the last time I was excited to sit down and sew something, and my quilting suffered.
I've found that joy again, and can't wait to commit to a new month of making and finishing...

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