Oct 28, 2009

Back again but not as quickly as I had promised! Without much fanfare, let me get right to the quilts and then perhaps a bit of musings...if there is time.
I promised to share some of my favorite bigger quilts from Empire QuiltFest, held two weeks ago here in the Albany area (Clifton Park to be exact). It was a wonderful show....
this neutral quilt was one of my favorites. I don't do "neutral" well, and really admired it for the choice and placement of the fabrics. I must once again apologize to you and to the quilt makers. I didn't have a catalog of quilts so I can not give credit where credit is due. I hope if any of the quilt makers find me (by accident - I'm sure)they will leave a comment so I can remedy that.

this next quilt is another I put in my "maybe some day" file- or at least a quilt very much like it. I love stars of any kind:

this quilt sported three ribbons-two, if not all three were Vendor's Choice, and it is a nice rendition of the Hunter's Star:

This one took a lot of hours I'm sure!

and these both appealed to my more rustic leanings:

This top quilt is just the perfect scrap quilt to me

This was a shop hop pattern from either one or two hops ago:

And then there was my own personal heart stopper!! I don't know if I would ever seriously contemplate beginning a Baltimore Album quilt! I do entertain thoughts now and again, but am realistic enough to know it will never happen. Enjoy this one:

And time has run out. I will try to get back tomorrow night and show off the dolls from the traveling Hoffman Challenge. Back in my dolling days I would have run right home and started planning out a new doll project. Now I'll just stand back and admire the time and dedication (as well as the creativity) it takes to execute one of these creatures. I find them all completely amazing and know you will too. Until then-
Happy Stitching

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