Oct 6, 2009

Blogging without Obligation

somewhere out there in blog land, I read about blogging without obligation- complete with a badge for your blog! Now that is for me, I thought....
No obligation. Blog when you can. Looking at the last post on this my "quilting" blog shows I don't have much in the way of blogging obligation! Truly-- how many months has it been??
The honest truth has been that quilting has not been high on the priority list. It became an "obligation" to work on something. Too much work quilting, not enough home quilting.
All that took on a positive change when I made a conscious effort to push past "tired" and go to a meeting of a Jo Morton club at a fairly "local" shop. What a wonderful evening. I took my needed-to- be- bound Emma's Quilt, and even shared it at show and tell. Many of the women around the table were known to me as customers from the shop at which I currently work. Chatting and sewing took on a life of its own and I found myself loving every minute of it.
Quilting does hold onto a (happy) piece of me- and I really wanted to grab hold of that and go back to all those projects sitting about in various stages-- you know the ones: tucked away, sealed in their own special holders, just waiting for the time I'd decide to let them loose and turn them into the beauties they knew they could become.
About the same time, I ran across a new blog- The Charming Girls Club. What fun I thought.
But I knew myself. If I can't carry through with the "obligation" of blogging, could I really add some "obligatory" quilting to my life? A few questions to the club founder, Kelly, and all my "fears" were put aside. I was ready to commit to becoming a charming girl.
So here we go...I'm a day late I do believe, but I am still going to commit to finishing a small project this month....a little Jo Morton 9-Patch complete with half square triangle borders.
I can do this. And if I don't....
well so what!
According to Kelly-- no lashes with a wet (quilting) noodle.
Sounds like just the right fit .

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Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Welcome -- Charming Girl! We're so glad to have you on board for the fun. And - never any lashes, just a "You Sew Girl" for next month. Can't wait to see your quilt!

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