Oct 12, 2009

No Quilting Today

It was such a beautiful fall morning. With a day like today there was only one thing any respectable New Yorker could possibly want to do--hop in the car and go apple picking!
This past weekend was the annual Apple Festival at this particular orchard, and the aftermath of the hoards of folks tromping through was evident....

but there was still lots of good picking to do in several of the sections today. We got to choose from the Romes, Crispins or Red Delicious. First born and I decided we'd pick some of each and fill our bag full of yumminess. The Tree below is a Rome apple, and it has lots of good pickin' left on it:

I tried to encourage First Born to climb on high, but she was convinced the ladder would collapse and drama would ensue. So she posed instead! OK, I admit, I made her do it!

and she payed me back,and shot this one with her camera:

Once we filled our bag, we headed off hoping to find just a pumpkin or two (or three if lucky!) in the completely picked over pumpkin patch. It was still a great view, even if hundreds of pumpkins were snatched up by festival goers Saturday and Sunday.

We managed to find two cute pumpkins, all the while being overcome by the smell of apple cider donuts baking in the shop. After paying for said pumpkins (and lugging them and our apples to the car), First Born and I made our way towards that wonderful smell, mouths watering in anticipation. What is a day of apple picking if not to end it with cider donuts for home?

Our day:
Seven pounds of apples
Two pumpkins
One dozen cider donuts
One home made apple pie
One jug of pressed cider- direct from the orchard's cider mill
One teeny jug of maple syrup
One jar of pumpkin butter
One jar of white chocolate peanut butter (omg- so good! And we know because we taste tested all 3 options)
Three strands of old buttons
One great old lunch bucket from the corner flee market shelves
A stop at the winery display to see the offerings (when is wine tasting??)

I'd call it a successful and relaxing morning.
Tomorrow (after a trip to the repair shop and work) I'll quilt- maybe!!

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