Oct 14, 2012

Eye Candy

Has anyone stopped by the Temecula Quilt Company's blog? I love it for the sew-alongs and for the chatty news of what is new at the shop. The last two posts have shown photos of a wonderful Doll Quilt display the shop has going,  and there is so much eye candy it just excites me! It also reminds me that I am a bit behind in my 2012 challenge to make a small quilt per month! I need to really refocus IF I intend to keep that goal.  It's not that I've been lazy of late- the batik quilt is off being quilted, I've been hand quilting my small basket quilt and just this week I have resurrected Vintage Valentine and have been busily hand appliqueing the large center block over the last two evenings. I just need to finish the vase and the center is done! A few more of the smaller blocks ( a million and one dogwood petals!!) and I can think about putting this one together and taking it off the UFO list once and for all. It was supposed to be the Wedding Quilt for son and daughter-in-law, however, after all this time,  I find it hard not to think it might be a bit anticlimactic. They will still receive the quilt when it is totally finished, and well before the 12 year mark (like my son's quilt)!  I guess that is something to be "proud of".  Throw in a few pillowcases for adorable grandson, a second batik quilt  and then a few more catch up projects and I think I see a very productive fall/winter quilting season in the making. Now with that said, I think I will mosey on over to the recliner, pick up my needle and sew a bit. Tonight I head to the Berkshires to see Mandy Patinkin and Patty LuPone at the Mahaiwe Center in Great Barrington. It should be a good night.


Libby said...

Patty LuPone and Mandy Patinkin! *wow* That will be a wonderful show for sure.
TQC has a great website and blog . . . . but remember - they are close to where I live. Anyone willing to drive over three hours each way to get to The Quilted Crow should surely have NO qualms about a flight to soCal - I'm just sayin' *s*

Diane said...

you sure do have a full sewing/quilting fall line up, that's terrific!
Hope the show is wonderful!

Noel said...

Every time I see a basket quilt, I think of you and your darling example. So glad you are keeping the faith for the rest of us slackers!

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