Oct 7, 2012

It was a lost and found kind of day...

Well, it was just one of those days today. I guess I shouldn't be surprised considering yesterday didn't go exactly as planned! It started out fine...did my usual Sunday morning routine and returned home after a Weight Watchers meeting with a 3/4 of a pound loss on my second week of maintenance. I chuckled with my leader that it was the fact that we were driven to starvation on our bus tour yesterday :-)

Once home and changed into sweaters (yes, multiples- it is down right damp and cold here in the great Northeast), I took the time to drop the storm windows (the house was barely at 60* inside!) and then tried to rig up a decent view of the batik quilt to take a photo. After several tries, hoping all the time that it wouldn't hit the ground once again (or that the dog would stay off of it- thank you very much!) I had it hung from the top of the dining room swags. Precarious, yes, but working- so I quietly ran from the room and grabbed the camera. Sigh ... I used the camera yesterday, took all of seven photos mind you. Today?? Battery....dead. Guess it felt it needed to die in sympathy with the bus's battery. Can I tell you how frustrated I have been with this camera since the day I got it?? I seriously need to save my pennies for that Nikon I have my heart set on. So what is a girl to do?? Grab the cell phone- the very basic/old/ need a new one but really don't want to spend the money on one/ kind of cell phone. It is a bad photo, a very bad photo, but I'm sharing anyway since I promised you all a peek at the monster quilt!  I love it, and it is now in the hands of my machine quilter who totally got where I wanted this wonder to go artistically when I rambled on about camping, leaves, mud, "guy stuff".  She started giving me her vision and I am beyond excited. I promise to have a new battery or a better (borrowed) camera when it is back home in all its glory!!

The monster quilt- no more batik- phobias!!

Of course before I could skip out to meet my machine quilter extraordinaire, I needed to walk the dog. So off we went on our afternoon jaunt. Happy as two clams in a clam shell. That is until I got home. I had not taken off the dangling, "they just make me happy" earrings from the morning, and when I got home I discovered one was no longer dangling from my ear! LOST! I was not a happy woman. There was no time to retrace our walk then, so I just removed the one remaining piece of ear jewelry and headed out. 
I was sure that by 4:30 pm there would be no hope at all of finding a dark, brown and golden earring on the ground lying among the leaves and other debris of the neighborhood, but lo and behold! FOUND!! There!! 3 blocks from the house was my earring- lying just shy of a pile of leaves right near a newly clipped lawn! The fact that it didn't end up in Dennis' lawn mower OR swept to the curb (or worse yet- a leaf bag) is a miracle plain and simple! So it's a good day after all. I have a favorite earring back, the monster quilt is progressing towards being done-done and now I'm ready to get the last couple of borders on the flowered "Couch Quilt" for the daughter-in-law. If I can keep this tiny streak of good fortune going, maybe I'll find the pattern for my grandson's "big boy" construction truck quilt in the drawer with the fabrics?? One can only hope! 
And that is all I have to say :-)
"Good night, Gracie"!


Carol said...

What a wonderful post...it was a good day all the way around! YIPPEE!

McIrish Annie said...

Quilt looks fabulous! can't wait to see a finished picture and Yeah!!! about your earring. I hate when that happens and it has happened to me a few times.

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