Oct 23, 2012

Weekend Annoyance and Excitement

I'm sitting here sipping the evening Pumpkin Latte, and feeling quite happy with myself and with life in general.  The petty annoyance of the weekend is behind me (I will explain in a minute), and the happiness and pride that ensued is still warming me from the inside out- kind of like this large cup of warm yumminess!
Now for a (not so) quick explanation: I have coveted a new camera for close to two years now. A camera that does more than point and shoot. A camera I can grow into (in my old age, lol!). One that will let me take real photographs, not just push the button and "hope they come out" photos.  I've watched coveted camera decline in price over the last couple of weeks (not that it still wasn't expensive) and then the event I knew would happen- did! The blasted camera that I currently owned stopped working AGAIN. Now to be perfectly honest, it could be a battery issue, but the battery I need is hard to come by and when that happens it is a trip to Radio Shack and a huge lay out of cash for theirs. So I decided to tell myself I was worth it, took a deep breath and ordered my coveted Nikon D5100.  
I was even more excited to learn it would be here in two (yes count them! two ....) days, putting delivery right at the best possible moment. I was joining the little family (son, DIL and grandson) for a trip to Syracuse on Saturday to be at the finish line of the Empire State Marathon the next day. Son's long time friend was running his second marathon in the space of a month in honor of my husband- raising money for the American Cancer Society through DeterminNation. Not only did I want to be there to welcome him across the finish line with a huge hug, I wanted to snap a photo to remember the event and his remarkable achievement. Getting the new Nikon Friday would give me a few hours in the afternoon to get a feel for it in my hands, and at least get comfortable with the Auto Mode for now. Friday came and went and there was NO delivery. I was a bit annoyed since the tracking information told me it was scanned at Latham and out for delivery. 
Saturday morning rolled around, and by our noon departure time I had no hopes of having a camera to take with me; I called my neighbor and had them on the look out for UPS and off to Syracuse we went.
Come to find out later, there was a shipment delay of 1 to 2 days due to "external factors" (whatever that truly means). Said delay would put delivery well into Monday. Fine! I'd deal. The kids got some photos Sunday, and I am hoping to get copies soon- especially the family shot Scott wanted after he collected himself from the 26 mile run. Below is a photo (I snagged it from Facebook) from his run in Rochester at the beginning of the month. The boy is amazing to say the least. He ran his first marathon (NYC) just last year (again for the American Cancer Society), and to do 2 back to back in 2012 is something I find totally incredible. This boy stands well over 6 1/2' tall- all legs and arms! He hurt. He was (in his own words) done in. Syracuse has some tough elevations to its course. But he did it...as he said while we hugged ... "I did it Momma! I did it!" 

Indeed he did, and I couldn't be any prouder of this young man if I had given birth to him myself. 
He is a role model, and I am very proud that he is my grandson's godfather. I can't think of anyone I'd want my little guy to look up to more (other than his daddy, of course!). It was a perfect day- and being there in person was quite exhilerating. Watching the runners come in to the cheers and applause of the gathered crowd is something I will remember for a very long time. 

Fast forward a day...I waited most of Monday am ( tracking again told me my box was on the truck and out for delivery) for my camera to arrive on the doorstep, and then decided that it would most likely be on the late afternoon run. Not wanting to resemble Old Mother Hubbard anymore, I ran up to the  grocery store to stock up on some fruits and veggies- it would hardly take any time at all. That was a big mistake! Exactly 11 minutes after I walked out my front door UPS drove up and not finding me home to sign for the box, took off with my camera delivery in tow. They'd return the next day- no real time period given! I was back to being annoyed! I had appointments today, and knew they would once again show up when no one was here, so I called UPS, told the computer I did NOT want the box delivered and to have someone call to confirm I wanted my box held for pick up. To make a long story short: my truck would be back in by 7:45pm. UPS was open until 9pm. I left the house at 7:45pm, got to the terminal at 8pm and filed into the rather long line of folks picking up missed deliveries. Finally- 30+ minutes later, it was my turn at the window, and lo and behold: no box was to be found. Are you laughing yet?? I know I wasn't, but it's ok if you do- really it is!  The gum snapping, way too chatty and extremely hyper young girl behind the counter called into the warehouse to see if the truck had arrived back as yet. Oh. No? It isn't back?? Won't be back until 9:30pm?? Really? How come??? She's having an entire conversation with Joe in back and I am producing steam out my ears!  Seems the truck broke down and they were arranging for a tow truck to haul it back. I'd have to come back tomorrow...they open at 9am.  I won't repeat what my reaction was. If you remember my story about the ill fated Vermont trip, you know I have this cloud over my head lately!  I know you're definitely laughing now- just go with the flow! I can laugh too (now), because I have my new toy in hand, and did I have fun this afternoon. I photographed my fruit bowl:

 I played with the lens and took a close up:

I even photographed the poor dog- totally ignoring "let sleeping dogs lie" !

I think I am going to be very excited about all this for some time to come. Just think- I'm headed to London (and several cities in Poland) in the very near future! Wonder how many camera cards I should make sure to have on hand??

All's Well That Ends Well, heh?? 

I think I need to go calm down now...


Diane said...

what a horrible UPS experience! frustrating for sure. My sister runs marathons, I don't know how she does it!
Your pictures look so sharp-I would love to get a 'good' camera some day

Noel said...

You will love your Nikon on your trip! I envy you your clean close up (one thing my Canon doesn't do as well as I'd like), Take only one memory card - just make sure it is a BIGGEE!

McIrish Annie said...

Glad the story had a happy ending. I know you will enjoy this new toy. get lots of memory cards you can't have too many!

we had the opposite happen. my dh ordered a new stereo component and UPS just left a $1000 item sitting on the doorstep. oh and it poured rain yesterday afternoon apparently after he had dropped it off. luckily it was well packed by the manufacturer in plastic but UPS got a piece of my dh's mind which no one should have to listen to! LOL

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