Oct 29, 2012

And a Wonderful Day was Had By All...

I could not have spent a more wonderful day if I had tried. I didn't have to try very hard, actually, since I was invited to a day of family fun and sharing at the home of my friend Pat's mother. Mom, her sisters, one husband, several daughters, two adorable (great) granddaughters, and various others (including my own little group of quilt friends) gathered to share in a quilt viewing extraordinaire. I could do little except gasp, shake my head, sit in awe and just snap photo after photo of amazing quilts! I'll let Noel fill you in with her blog post! Just go here and enjoy!!

I took close to 80 photos, and have been working on a slide show to share- hopefully I can finish and get it posted before Sandy barrels into N.Y. leaving her mark on us.
For those in her path- stay safe.
For me, I think now that the house has been battened, I've updated my information for up-to-date airport information (great week to be planning to fly!), the cell phone is charged, the Kindle Fire is almost recharged, I've restocked the water supply and finished the laundry I wanted to get done, I can think about heading for bed. Could be much ado about nothing...or could be a wild couple of days ahead. Either way, I'm ready!
Be back soon...with lots of quilts to share. Oh yes, and maybe a photo or two of Noel looking completely overwhelmed :-)

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