Mar 9, 2012

Oh Yes I Did!

I think that title is a double exclamation!! Last night I finished setting the little civil war baskets, my March little quilt (monthly challenge). I am very happy with how it turned out, and happy that I gave myself permission to use "that green". That is my second "oh yes I did"!! I have been hoarding this piece of fabric for what seems like forever. I love this green. I love any of the old historic greens- the ones a quilt friend calls my puke greens.
Why oh why can't we find more of them?? The bright almost ugly greens of yore?? I guess for the same reason it gets harder to find homespuns and brushed cottons- the larger community isn't quite sure what to do with them.
But I gave in, sighed a huge sigh of resignation and cut into my green. The top needed it!
Originally (see my last post) I had pulled a light blue paisley for the sashing strips and was going to pair it with two different blue patterns for the borders- all very lovely, but I still had my doubts. When I got to audition the paisley with the blocks and cornerstones the red flags went up. YUCK!! No real contrast. It just laid there looking sad, so back into the Jo Morton Cabinet it went. Now what?? I went through the Jo fabrics until I came to another older piece and shouted Eureka! Yes, this orange/cheddar would definitely work. But now what do I do for borders. Another trip down memory lane into the older stash piles I've been hoarding (I should show you my upper cabinet where the Jo Morton's live- remind me to do that). Not the new stuff,mind you, it hasn't aged enough just yet!
There it was- "THAT" green. Could I really use it?? Really? It was, in my opinion, perfect. So, Yes I Did!! Then came the next problem. What to pair with it? I tried various combinations, knowing in my heart I wanted (the top NEEDED) black. Just didn't have the right one where I was looking. Enter the triple dresser of goodies.
In the half yard cuts came the perfect black print and it was off to the finish so I could press, photograph, share and then get it layered and ready for hand quilting on Monday when I have two hours of uninterrupted time in the morning. So without further ramblings, what do you think?? Did that green do the trick? And how about that black? Nice, no??

And just in case, like me, you can't get enough of that green, here is a bit of a close up!

Off to a morning appointment, and then this afternoon I will tackle the next little Blessings Basket from the Temecula Quilt Company's new sew-along.
Happy stitching to all..



Linda said...

LOVE your baskets!! Turned out soooo pretty!!

Noel said...

That cheddar is so absolutely perfect; I'm so glad you found time to search for exactly the right colors! You rock, woman!!

Me and My Stitches said...

Love it! And...I'm hoarding some of that green too!

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