Mar 1, 2012

Finally! Some Winter...

YES! Winter has finally come to New York! Beautiful winter- not the gut wrenching, stay inside and hope for the best kind of winter, but the pretty, snowman snowy winter! The trees are bowed with their load of snow, there is an abundance of peace and quiet (schools are cancelled today), and the pristine cleanliness of it all (for now) is the kind of beautiful that soothes my soul. Winter is smiling on us.

So yesterday when this

and this

Fell around us, I had this baking in the oven

while the men folk took naps (this one especially was so cute)

and finished up this block of Jan Patek's Collections One (you can see the information on the side bar of her blog)

It is supposed to snow on and off again today, and we are looking forward to the Little Family (son, DIL and grandson) coming for the ultimate toddler dinner- spaghetti and meatballs- tonight. Today will be all about shoveling, letting the dog romp in the snow, cleaning the floors, making the dinner and oh yes, getting some more sewing in! Sounds like a mostly perfect day to me.
Thank you Ole Man Winter. I am so glad you came to pay us one visit before this winter was completely over. Just wish your "cousin" with his 50* temperatures wasn't in such a hurry to come back (this Saturday, supposedly). I'd like for this all to stick around for just a little bit.


McIrish Annie said...

We only got a bit of that in Connecticut. Just enough to make it messy but the commute was not bad at all. I'm not a winter fan so will be happy to have the "cousin" return on Saturday!

Monica said...

Looks so pretty! (The snow and your block) p.s. I want to fly in for a toddler dinner, yum!

Melanie said...

Sounds like the perfect Day....

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