Mar 30, 2012

Not so good with the words these days!

I seem to be having difficulties across multiple platforms this week:

1. I couldn't string several sentences together to make a readable post.
2. My wireless router went AWOL. Not physically, but it has disappeared from my "preferred network" settings and I can't figure out the correct way to get it back.
3. Because of #2, my laptop is virtually useless
4. My iMac told me today it was set at a date earlier than March 30th. Really?? I went in to take a look and not only is it not set for March, the year it shows is 1903!! I don't even think apples had parts back then-- you just picked them and ATE 'em.

So I thought that I would show you what i decided to do this morning until I felt like getting some of these issues fixed (success with #3- the other 2 will have to wait!).

Behold! It is beginning to feel like spring in this abode!!

The bunnies (and the good old memories they carry) came out of hibernation:

Mr. Carrots is one of my favorites! How many of us had those Martha Washington bedspreads on their beds growing up (or even past growing up!)?

This little bunny basket works well on my very spring like little quilt:

Remember when venues like the Folk Art Craft shows used to travel the country and make a stop in your neck of the woods with just the best stuff ever? What ever happened to those good ole days. This was a Folk Art Fair purchase and I still love the heck out of him. I have a feeling my train obsessed grandson may too!

One of the first wool rabbits I ever bought. He is very at home on top of my wooden quilting box (and yes, I made those little blocks in the 4 windowed sides). He takes the place of the pincushion I haven't permanently placed onto the top:

These little fluffy guys were made back in the early 80's when you could get those fuzzy, pastel colored ankle socks! The yellow one was for my son, and the pink one my eldest daughter (yes, yes...I hear the collected awwwww's! Such a good mommy). Poor third child lost out. No pastel ankle socks in the late 80's!! These relics are a bit scruffy now-a-days, but I love them like crazy (kind of like my kids!).

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5725751065134246610" />

The dining room got decked out in its finery and the table is starting to look festive:

Even the kitchen got a few little touches. Don't want to over do the rabbit thing! This little glass dish is just the touch for the long counter and may get some jelly beans. Yellow of course- my favorites. Then again, maybe not!!

Thanks for following me through the downstairs of the house. I think surrounded with all these smiling critters one can't help but feel better. Even The Husband commented that the house looked "pretty". I'm glad.



lynneUSA said...

Looks lovely, my fave is the blue and white table topper

Diane said...

love your bunnies...I have to get my decorations out I have a few bunnies I made a LONG time ago, thanks for the reminder

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