Nov 17, 2012

There's No Place Like Home

I may not be wearing my glitzy red shoes (a la Dorothy), but I do whole heartedly agree with her sentiment. My trip to the U.K. and Poland was amazing- full of wonderful sites (and some not so wonderful, Auschwitz left me completely drained) as well as lots of family time! I've returned a bit tired, but quite happy and ready to get completely organized and jump back into quilting full steam ahead. I have the huge and quite wonderfully quilted batik project to bind after all!
As for Merry 'Ole England, here are a few photos to enjoy :-)

Buckingham Palace. Apparently, the Queen forgot I was arriving , so no tea with Liz :-)

One of the Palace Guards on his magnificent steed

Big Ben

Off to Westminster Abbey

Daughter's small village- nice to have your butcher shop across the street!

I want to live on Folly Lane :-)

Spar Cottage- home of the daughter and son-in-law

Ashby (DD's labradoodle) waiting for us to get in the car for our day trip to Glastonbury!

Watch for more as I continue to go through the almost 900 photos I took! So many castles, gardens, museums! Can't wait to plan the return visit soon!!


Nancy in MT said...

What a wonderful trip, looking forward to seeing more pics.

Carol said...

What a wonderful trip! Glad you're home safe and're so right...there is no place like home!

Noel said...

What a tease - your photos are so wonderful and the thought of more - well, my dear, I'm waiting! So very glad your trip was fabulous and that you are back.

Mardi said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family.
:) M

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