Apr 9, 2007

Where is spring???

Right about now the little groups of crocus should be popping out all over! Who hijacked spring?? Instead of sun and bunnies, we had clouds, snow, and temperatures more like January. Some way to spend Easter! Of course, I did my very Martha best to make the dining room a lovely spring experience, right down to the place cards. You would have thought there were dozens of people rather than the eight of us! How funny that we all fit on one table for a change, and equally funny that for the first time in 27 years there were no "children" at the table. Granted my children are "of age" now, but still. A first holiday dinner without them seemed a bit strange.

It was a delightful afternoon, complete with stories to tell, good food and an after-the-shift "Happy Easter" phone call from the youngest child. She was munching chocolate- received two goodie boxes from home during the week, each bearing the must have chocolate bunnies! Mine included the "I know it's your favorite" Dove chocolate Rabbit, and the Auntie sent the handmade Rabbit from THE chocolatier!! Naturally when she got wind that I had the handmade peeps dipped in dark chocolate (oh yes, the joys of such a FANTASTIC chocolate shop fairly close by), I was told I needed to freeze several asap for when she got home in a few weeks. It was a slow day at the equine hospital - a new intern was in the colic barn so my offspring was sent to work with her for the day, meaning she had to leave her beloved ICU for a shift.
Not much sewing was done over the weekend. Saturday was last minute groceries, cleaning, and prep work for the lesser make aheads for Sunday. Judging from the work I did at the machine this am, it was a good thing I took the "weekend" off. I don't ever remember frog stitching as much as I did today!! No photos for blogland today! Yuck!! I need to get my brain jump-started!
I've decided that the machine is off limits, and that later this evening I'll prep a few blocks for hand applique. I think I might be able to use a pencil with out too much of a problem! Perhaps it is the incessant cold that has numbed my brain cells?? I repeat- loudly and with foot stamping to underscore my pouting....Where is Spring???


Sweet P said...

A beautiful place setting! I would love to join you for dinner.

Dawn said...

I still can't believe how beautiful your table was! Martha you are! I"ll have to tell you about my quilting fiasco this weekend too. Ughhh.

Libby said...

Mmmm - chocolate dipped Peeps . . . gonna have to hit the half off sales and stash a few myself *s*

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