Apr 30, 2007

Party Hardy (Paducah post #2)

As I mentioned earlier our sidekicks Laverne, Waldo and Bruce partied hardy the entire time. They were shameful! You'd think they would feel like fish out of water, but on the contrary they took the opportunity to just have themselves a whale of a time!
Laverne loved being the only gal in the bunch (although with all his sparkles, Bruce surely wasn't a shrinking violet (or is that Carp??) . Waldo in his splendid black and white would sit back and just watch the bubbles rise!

When she was by herself, Laverne had lots to keep her happy...The last day she was left to watch the house and I do believe she played happily in my bags of goodies, jumping back on the bed just in time! I did manage to catch her with her mouth open, however, and she was quite apologetic! Frankly, I wonder if she was sipping wine most of the day- she did seem a bit dazed! I'll have to think long and hard about taking her to the Vermont Quilt Festival in June. If she can't behave herself, she may just have to stay home. Waldo thinks she was jealous that Bruce got his photo taken several times at the show on Tuesday- once by the official show photographers. Nothing like a fish scorned, I say!!


Dawn said...

Oh my gosh - these are too funny! And your post is hysterical!

Dawn said...

Forgot to ask - who made them?

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