Apr 21, 2007

And Now I Can Pack!

The last small load of laundry is in the dryer, the suitcase is down, a few necessaries are ready, and while all that was going on I finished a shop sample I said wouldn't be done for next week's shop hop. Part of me wanted to see it finished, part of me knew I should be packing for my trip! Now it is a win -win solution!! I'll drop the sample and directions for my version of Jo Morton's Rachel's Reels at the shop on my way out of town tomorrow. With all the fussy cutting of a gorgeous stripe fabric I fell in love with, I omitted the triangles that framed the reels and setting strips and squares. I didn't think they were needed. I like this more "elegant" version.

Here is a close up of some of the reels. I actually started these years ago, and when Jo released Rachel's Reels as a booklet of it's own, I remembered I had 8 of them done and in a basket with the 9th one half appliqued. I decided to dig them out and be able to say I did something with a set of orphan blocks. As I was chosing fabric for the border, one of my loyal customers came in and got very excited about my reels and the fabric I had chosen for setting them together. In fact ,she stated ,if you're going to teach this as a class, sign me up now! So I will do just that this summer. I hope Jeanette will be happy.

and now...I can think about packing- or as Scarlett once said--I'll think about that tomorrow.
I think tonight I'm just going to lay my head on my pillow and catch some zzzzzzzzzz's!
Good night


Carol said...

Absolutely wonderful! Your border and sashing are especially beautiful. Love the fussy cutting. If I were there I'd sign up for the class too :)

joyce said...

It's perfect and I love the sashings and borders.

Dawn said...

Karen, I need the sashing and border for them - I"ve got to make this!

Libby said...


Happy Valley Quilter said...

I love the Rachel's Reel pattern. You did such a lovely job!

Rose Marie said...

The quilt is lovely and the sashing just adds the finishing touch!

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