Apr 21, 2007

Dawn, this one's for you!

I said I'd show you my first horrendous quilting project, and Dawn said she couldn't wait to see it, so as the entry title goes: Dawn, this one's for you, and don't say I didn't warn you!
Back in '79 when I had the quilting bug hit I took my first class. It was a sampler class, all done by hand- cereal box cardboard templates, pencil, scissors, hand needles, poly thread. What did I know, except I loved to work with my hands. I do remember loving this class and being proud of the accomplishment at the time. It became my sister's Christmas gift that year, after lovingly hand quilting and binding . Today I laugh at how hideous this quilt is, but yet there are several blocks I like...

such as this dresden plate. Might be my favorite block in the entire piece.

This drunkard's path just hits home how far fabrics have come since the late 70's!! Can you imagine some of our favorite designers putting out these??

And as for the appliqued basket...no comment. Again, I just shake my head and am glad I've taken the journey so far down the quilting path. Not that I don't still have new territories to explore, of course.
This is a bit dark, but I was semi-impressed with my first time hand quilting stitches. Not bad for a rank beginner!

Makes my want to run to the sewing room and pick up a "today" project and sew a bit. I've come a long way from the cardboard, scissors and pencil days! And all I can say is Thank Goodness!!


Dawn said...

Not so bad for a first project in the late 70's. I"ll have to find a pic of mine! You know, it looks bad because look at that fabric - very jo-ann fabrics and 70/80's! I"m smiling!

Patti said...

My first class was like that too! Except our templates were made from tracing paper, x-ray film and sandpaper. We glued the three layers together with rubber cement. Worked great - the templated didn't change size no matter how often we drew around it, and the sandpaper kept it from slipping. All the piecing was done by hand. That was in 1974. And I definitely recognize some of the fabrics in your quilt - particularly that brown, white and orange stripe in the basket!

Libby said...

I think it looks pretty darned good. The fabrics really do reflect the time and what was popular. Love the quilting stitches - you did a great job. I started out doing 'stab stitch' quilting and am pleased with how it actually looks decent - front and back *s*

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