Apr 30, 2007

Trip To Paducah

After a long road trip from New York, and what seemed like an endless road trip through Indiana (don't ask..I might just tell!), my quilt buddy and I drove up to our home away from home at Kentucky Dam. This is the cabin just down the drive from ours, but echos our abode. Pretty, no?

I was more than happy to haul my stuff up the front steps and enter our beautiful cabin. We had two bedrooms and two baths and were to meet two of our fellow quilting sisters from the west coast (Steph is from Washington state, Joyce from Oregon). They had arrived just before us since they didn't feel the need to visit Indiana!!

Kathie was more than happy to stretch her legs and scope out our home away from home. We were certainly looking forward to a fun filled few days meeting friends, uncorking our wine, and seeing fabulous quilts. There were no disappointments!

By Thursday evening, the sun was setting a bit brighter .....

and our beds were looking a bit better....

(yes- this a shot upon our arrival- the room certainly did NOT look like this come Thursday!! *smile*)

I was amazed by the quilts, took tons of photos of my favorites, and walked the vendors time and time again. Dawn- I got my thread! I also was happy to see the girls from Patchwork Quiltmania there as I run to the local bookstore when it is supposed to arrive and more times than not it is sold out! I treated myself to the Peas and Carrots kit I've eyed in the Hancock catalog and totally indulged my want to learn needle punch. Other than that I shopped the Reproduction booth(s) and picked up a few patterns and some "Distress It".

All the while our side kicks- Laverne, Waldo and Bruce partied hardy and drank like fish...hehehe. I managed to snap a photo and will show you in my next post!
It was an exhausting experience, but I'm more than ready to head back next year!

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Dawn said...

Wow - GORGEOUS Cabin! that does look nice! Can't wait to find out what patterns you got! I'll be posting fabric stuff in the next day or two!

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