Feb 8, 2012

When Did It Become February?

Wow- January just flew by- or maybe it was hijacked by "the birds" or our neighborhood skunk, who makes the evening walk with the dog not so pleasant!
But aside from pesky crows, stinky skunks and life in general, things have been fairly quiet here. I had to put aside the applique for a bit- my right elbow has had a touch of the old tendinitis this past week and a half. Instead of sewing, I've been organizing and purging 30+ years of photos that were in boxes and drawers. It feels good to know that I have what I want to keep, and had quite the trip down memory lane in the process. By yesterday I was ready to spend quality time in the sewing room again. So what did I accomplish? Well, first off I got my exchange HST's sewn, cut and bagged to send off to Southampton Quilts.

Since we send the blocks with the papers on you can see my choice of fabric combinations for this month next to the cut paper triangles. For a reproduction kind of girl, funny how many batik fat quarters I'm coming up with from my stash. What's with that?!

Then, because it was there and calling my name since summer, and because I can't comfortably applique, I decided to build a few houses from this:

I originally bought the book thinking it would be a fun Block of the Month for the quilt shop I used to work for. Now it will be a "for me" project- with no time frame. Kind of like everything else here- no time frames! Going deep into the older recesses of my stash I've built two houses so far. What do you think about the construction sites? Have a favorite? There will be more houses to come in this little suburb of course so maybe your favorite will show up at a later date *smile*.

House #1:

House #1 with its connectors:

House #2

What I SHOULD be working on are my 3" nine patches for this month's Jo Morton Club. But then tomorrow is another day! As for that Jo Morton Club project, another sincere note of thanks to all who commented on my disappointment with the chosen background and the way the project was looking at it's onset. I humbly admit to being too much of a perfectionist, will try harder to go with the flow and am happy to announce that I will be finishing it up as planned- and enjoy the process! I guess it all depends on my mood as to how I look at those blocks sitting on my flannel board. I do have to admit there are times I'm not happy- but I also feel that in the end it will be a lovely project, and I WILL be pleased. Heck, if not- it can go to the one who raises their hand first lol!!
Stay tuned...the "best is yet to come" as the saying goes. At least I hope it is...


Sharon said...

Love the housing project!

lynneUSA said...

I like the three story

Karen said...

That yellow/gold stripe house is my favorite.

Cheryl said...

Quilts with houses are all the rage! Yours are so prim and perfect.

Libby said...

January did slip away rather quickly this year *S* I love those houses!

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