Feb 23, 2012

Meeting Goals and Spring Time in NY

Saw my first fat and very happy robin yesterday on the morning dog walk. Hopping, chirping, finding lots of goodies in the barely frozen ground. Winter never really came to New York, and since it was going to hit 50* I came home and decided that I was going to banish winter from inside too. Living Room shades went into "summer position"- the tops went up followed by half of the lower shade- exposing sunshine streaming through the lower panes. It was heavenly. The dog found Mr. Sunshine- like the little tyke in that newspaper comic "Hi and Lois"- and basked happily. The husband watched golf on the telly, and I found the warm spot on the couch and worked on hand quilting my February Little Quilt project. My hope for today is to get the binding on, and then show it off via a photo. Phew...it is only the 23rd of February and I am looking forward to the March project!

And in other news, Lynne did me the honor of naming me for a Liebster Award as she paid her nod forward. Go visit her, it is a lovely blog!
Of course, I need to pay this forward myself, so here goes- blogs with less than 200 followers that are worthy of recognition:

my dear friend, Noel is quite the artist (and writer). She was one of the competitors in McCall's Design Star contest, she paints and she writes beautifully. It is always a joy to read her posts.

Sharon always has something fun and will time and again give me a smile!

I've followed Nancy for a very long time, and enjoy her primitive style as well as her wildlife photos. The stories of her (wild) animals visits are sometimes quite funny- not that I am sure I'd want a huge black bear munching at MY bird feeders!

Linda shares my love of wool work and has a delightful blog

and then there is Annie who can be counted on for some fun. I feel a certain kindred to her as our lives sometimes leave us missing in action. *smile*

I have others that delight my reading times, but they are tres popular, and have large followings!! I'm sure many of you have already found them. I am also sure you will enjoy some of my (above) lesser known blogging (and personal) friends if you have a look.

And now it is time to officially start the day. My coffee cup is empty, and I have a little quilt that is calling my name after I reacquaint myself with the dish towel and the vacuum. Have a wonderful day, one and all!



Libby said...

Some of those are already on my faves *s*
Enjoy the warm weather!

Linda said...

Thanks Karen!! You are so sweet!!! I was watching some robins this morning. I feel bad for them because we just got a huge snow storm.

Nancy in MT said...

Thank you Linda,

Nancy in a warm Montana, also.

Sharon said...

Thanks so much! you are a sweetie!

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